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PSS Physics located in Satyanagar, Bhubaneshwar . It is one of the leading businesses in the Tutorials provide coaching for NEET /AIIMS /JEE entrance.

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PSS PHYSICS is the most successful coaching institute providing NEET-JEE Coaching in Odisha. Our class room teaching also helps in appearing other M.Sc.

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Inspiring Teaching. Educating Minds. To create an advanced center of professional learning where pursuit of knowledge and excellence.




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    Test Series planned by exceptionally experienced employees. Begin endeavoring tests here and get to know the prospectus and test.


    The class test incorporates Topic-wise and Subject insightful tests covering the JAM schedule with varying difficulty levels.


    Concentrate on brilliant with more limited review times through versatile practice. There are few practice meetings dependent on your frail regions


    We stress individual doubt clearing meetings where students can actually communicate with our faculties to handle their downsides.


    We give our student's the most in-depth analysis for every test so that student's can track your growth in each topic test-by-test.


    We are familiar how valuable your time is. Get the benefit of the most recent innovation for your test arrangement and get the best learning experience

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    Jyotiranjan SahooJyotiranjan Sahoo
    16:51 22 Aug 21
    PSS Sir🙏🏻The Name itself defines PHYSICS in STERLINGLY SUPERIOR manner.🔥🔥🔥Imagine…..If a teacher, not only teaches you Physics…..but also give Dope life lessons…..like what parents do to their Son/Daughter.Under the guidance of Partha Sir…..My Concepts(what I use to think as an average Student) improved a lot. His Classroom discussions & personal Doubt clearance sessions helped me to achieve a respectable score of 150+ in Physics.In my time…..He started from the very beginning (Basics) & we simultaneously covered all the Topics what ever is in the syllabus. And how can I forget the last minute motivation before NEET. Thank you Sir for everything.😇😇😇🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
    Anshuman TripathyAnshuman Tripathy
    16:36 22 Aug 21
    Sir has a very unique way of teaching by simple explanation and by clearing all doubts. His formulas and methods have helped many students like me clearing competitive exam. He is student friendly and always motivates us to move ahead despite one or two setbacks. Starting from the very basics upto advanced physics, sir teaches everything in such a manner that it will be ingrained in everyone’s mind. And the most important part is the approach to solve the problems in short span which is a crucial factor for determining the rank in NEET
    M XzM Xz
    14:08 22 Aug 21
    Very soothing environment in the class😌 !!Its said that under pressure even a talented person cannot perform well .Peaceful mind is required to tackle subjects like Physics.And PSS PHYSICS is the institute where we learn how to solve physics without getting panic.Sir’s style of teaching is such that even the difficult things become simpler…The only thing a student has to do is to have faith on himself and PSS PHYSICS and be consistent.It helps to make your relation with physics strong.Overall excellent institute❤❤
    Bibhuprasad MohapatraBibhuprasad Mohapatra
    11:01 22 Aug 21
    Best neet/jee physic center in BBSR, I owe my gratitude to PSS sir for his perfect teaching and powerful guidance.
    Jasolin SatapathyJasolin Satapathy
    10:58 22 Aug 21
    Really I admire the dedication, desired to give the best of my teacher…I can’t explain how he support a student not only on study point but also the mental support …the easy path and tricks to success..he can understand each one problem and according solution also….really I will remain obliged whole of my life… really blessed to find a teacher like this….best guide…best teacher…best platform ever

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