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PSS Physics located in Satyanagar, Bhubaneshwar . It is one of the leading businesses in the Tutorials provide coaching for NEET /AIIMS /JEE entrance.

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1 Year NEET For Dropper

Best coaching institute for 1yr JEE For Dropper batch


Welcome to Partha Sarathy Satapathy physics classes


PSS Physics is a coaching institute in Bhubaneswar providing the best facilities for the preparation of JEE Main, JEE Advanced, Board, 1yr JEE Dropper course and other competitive exams. We dedicatedly focus on building a basic and strong foundation of knowledge and concepts in every student. So that it provides them not only an excellent platform but for JEE/NEET preparation and competitive exams also. Every student can get the best academic support, systematic and basic fundamental knowledge, Test Series program, and individual attention that help them to meet their objectives and career goals.


Joining PSS physics Institute in Bhubaneswar will groom every student who has passed class 12th and plan for a one-year preparation course or 1-Yr JEE For Dropper course, NEET-UG, JEE Main, JEE (Main + Advanced), and other prestigious examinations. It helps the students transform as per the requirement of the Competitive Exam through innovative, interactive teaching and learning.


Students can join Different dropper programs that are listed below:


  • 1-year JEE for Dropper course


  • 1-year Dropper course for JEE Main + Advanced


  • 1-year Dropper course for NEET-UG


The purpose of the Course includes:


  • Standard Classroom Coaching
  • Conception Clearing Classes
  • Doubt Solving Sessions
  • Regular response of students and
  • Notify parents at a personal level
  • Periodic Test Conduction


Choosing the best coaching institute near me is always confusing…


Choosing the best IIT JEE coaching institute is also a daunting task because there are many options available and competition in the market. As competitive exams are thoroughly different from school exams, so that we need to give our utmost efforts to get good results. The basic and important difference between competitive exams and school exams is that, there is competition among only 500 to 700 students in schools, while in competitive entrance exams competition is there between lakhs of students in India. You have to keep confident throughout the preparation and a strong determination to get the next examination which would fuel you perfectly and you will a get a good result definitely.

We aim to become a leading coaching institute in Bhubaneswar and provide top-quality education to all competitive students.


“Education is not learning facts but the training of the mind to think” – Albert Einstein


For more information contact us today: +91 9437200984, +91 7978371270 Or, mail us at: pssphysics2021@gmail.com