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Why Do You Need Guidance to Clear NEET?

Being a medical practitioner is perhaps the most noble and lucrative profession. Being a physician, you can serve the country in a way no one else can. But to achieve the dream of being a physician, one has to clear NEET. NEET is the one and only gateway to become a physician in India. Though it is one of the toughest entrances in the whole country, but more than the exam, the lack of proper guidance causes the problem for most people. Just practicing won’t help you clear the exam. A proper path with proper guidance is of utmost importance. Starting the preparation from 11th is essential, because even missing small details or concepts of subjects like physics is very harmful. This is where the need for Physics Coaching for NEET comes to play.

NEET Structure and Exam Pattern:

The NEET is conducted by NTA once a year. The only qualification for the exam is to have passed from a recognized board in 12th with Physics, Chemistry and Biology/Biotechnology being the core subjects.

The NEET is a 720 mark test with a total of 200 questions (MCQ) out of which 180 is to be answered. The test lasts for 180 minutes, which equals a question per minute. 4 marks are awarded for a correct answer and 1 mark is deducted for each wrong answer.

Challenges Faced by NEET Aspirants:

The NEET examination consists of three subjects-physics, chemistry and biology. 50% (360 marks) of the NEET paper is Biology Questions, while Physics and Chemistry share the other 50%.   Due to its high cut off, students find it challenging to qualify in this one and only medical entrance test. Every year lakhs of students appear in this test but very make it to their destination.  NEET syllabus covers both the 11th and 12th class course. This is a huge content to deal with.  Students find it difficult to manage time between their regular intermediate course and NEET preparation. This result in tremendous pressure for the aspirants and many drop their preparation. Many also succumb to the pressure and end up scoring bad in both NEET and their Board exams. So, proper guidance becomes a must for aspirants. Furthermore, many students fail to remember the concepts of 11th class when they are promoted to 12th class. They lose touch with the important 11th class concepts which are essential in the NEET exam. Physics, which has vast, but easy, concepts, becomes a nightmare for the students if proper focus is not given or if proper practice is not done.

Tips For NEET Preparation:

Systematic Approach: The basic most things to do is to know the syllabus thoroughly.  Creating a study time table which will create a sense of seriousness and discipline in yourself is the next big task.  In the end, practice makes a man perfect. You have to revise your strong areas and give more time to your weaker areas in the syllabus.

Concept Clarity:

You must be clear in the basic concepts so that you can apply them while solving problems. This can be achieved only by solving varieties of related problems on the basic concept. This will boost your confidence. For students who are in the 11th, it is of foremost importance. Also, physics has to be the main center of concept clarity, because on missing even small concepts, you create tremendous problems for yourself.

Doubt Clearing:

While preparing for NEET, you need to clear your doubts as soon as possible. Most people in their 11th ignore doubts a lot. But the same ignorance harms them when they go to 12th. In traditional classroom coaching it’s impossible to get individual attention to clear your doubts. So attend a coaching institute for clearing your doubts.

 Time Management:

Students find it difficult to manage time between their class room coaching and the NEET preparation. Often, they get too engrossed in their studies in the starting but soon lose the seriousness in the long run. Also, time should be divided with proper balance for all subjects. Subjects like physics, which offers too many concepts and theories often require more attention from students. Students should go through self analysis and find out their strong and weak areas in the syllabus. Mock tests are a great way to self analyse. The weak areas should be given more time and at the same time keeping a practice of the strong areas.

Stress Management:

The expectation of the parents and family members always add pressure on the already stressed students. If entertainment, NEET preparation and intermediate class is not balanced, students usually get too frustrated and end up harming themselves mentally or physically. So a friendly teacher is as much important as a talented one. Friendly teachers usually make you calm and make your studies easier as well. In the long run if you can’t control your stress it will ruin your self confidence. So plan beforehand for your NEET preparation and concentrate to achieve your goal.

(Partha Sir)

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